Bohemian Nights

Quite a few of our regulars having been asking how our transition from coffee shop to bar on Friday and Saturday nights is progressing and we are pleased to report that growth is steady with more people joining us for food, drinks and cocktails at the weekends.

It has been quite tricky trying to tempt people to Ashley Road in the evenings because, as you probably know, with few restaurants and a couple of very traditional pubs, there really isn’t much on offer in the evening in this part of Parkstone.

Our hope is to change that and make Boheme as much as a destination for an evening as it is during the day, so there’s going to be a whole lot to look forward to in the coming year with some special music and food events being planned in the Boheme style.

In the meantime, if you join us any Friday or Saturday evening you can look forward to some really special drinks, cocktails and the best gourmet burgers in town. We hope you can make it.

Best wishes,

The Boheme Team