It’s Fixed!!

If you wanted to come in for a coffee today, the chances are you would have been disappointed to discover that our brilliant but temperamental coffee machine had decided to take a day off sick, but after a day with Lou having to play engineer, the coffee machine is now working and serving up fabulous coffees again.

There are very few things worse than a broken coffee machine when you run a coffee shop. That said, a day without water thanks to a broken water main last year came a close second.

There’s something to be said about keeping it simple with machinery. To use a car analogy, most coffee machines are primarily mechanical – think back to the days without power steering, turbo injection, automatic wipers, safety systems etc. We decided however to go for something very much more modern – with digital temperature and pressure monitoring, touch screen dose and brewing controls and many other things aimed at making the perfect coffee. When it’s working it’s fantastic, but when it goes wrong, oh boy are there a lot of places to look for faults.