The New Fangled Cocktail

A new take on the classic Negroni and Old Fashioned, the New Fangled features the unique Nc’nean Unaged Botanical Whisky alongside Cocchi Americano, Frankincense and Electric Bitters in a stunning cocktail created by Lou at Boheme.

The first taste on the palate will be familiar to Negroni drinkers, but further along, the taste transforms into something truly original with hints of smokiness from the frankincense and a tingle from the Electric bitters.

Official Recipe for the New Fangled Cocktail

  • Nc’nean 40ml
  • Cocchi Americano 25ml
  • Simple Sugar Syrup 12ml
  • Frankincense Bitters 2ml
  • Electric Bitters 2 Dashes

Stir the ingredients thoroughly with ice and strain over a rocks glass filled with ice, then garnish with a twist of lemon.