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Drinks with Friends

We serve alcohol daily in the coffee lounge, but on Friday and Saturday night we dim the lights, change things up and Boheme makes the transformation to become a very exclusive speakeasy style bar serving cocktails, craft spirits, wines and ales. At the speakeasy bar, our emphasis is on serving high quality drinks in safe and comfortable surroundings for a fun and friendly time. We do not serve cheap spirits or cheap lager, white cider or shots of luminous goop.

As Boheme is a small and intimate venue, we have chosen to stock our bar with a carefully selected range of drinks aiming for quality over quantity. In particular, the spirits and wines are hand-picked premium brands that offer exceptional quality and value for money. We also stock a broad range of Fever Tree mixers and soft drinks to complement these perfectly.

The Magic is in the Music

In the evening we adjust the music for a better bar experience generally playing hand curated selections on a theme. We believe You can expect some great tracks spanning genres like Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock, Indie & Alternate, 80s , Old School Rap, House and many more including some more eccentric choices . We believe music is incredibly important to the atmosphere in the bar and we want you to enjoy it just as well as your food and drink. For an idea of what we’ve been playing recently, check our scrobble.

Live Music

We quite often host live music events featuring some of the best local talent. During summer 2019 we will be having at least one live music event per month. Boheme is an intimate and personal venue where you can feel part of the music itself.

Bar Highlights