Post Covid Info for Performers

Since the pandemic, visitor numbers for the bar have fallen significantly meaning that the gigs we have held since the first lockdown have been loss-making for us financially. To that end, we are suspending live music performances until such a time as they become financially sustainable again.

If you are a performer and would like a gig at Boheme, we may be able to do this if you are prepared to accept a reduced rate for your time, in which case please feel free to contact us. We realise times are very tough for performers too and would not you to think that we are trying to de-value your talents, at the moment for us all, it’s a fight for survival.

Before you ask for a gig

  1. Be aware that you will be performing centre-stage and will not be tucked away as ‘background music’ – you need to have the confidence to be watched closely while performing.
  2. Don’t price yourself out. We are a very small venue with limited capacity and rely on takings from the bar to be able to afford live music. Price with this in mind and we, in return, promise you a good, fun, easy gig where people will enjoy your music in a hassle free environment.
  3. This will be a live performance for which you will be paid as a professional. You are not busking, therefore we do not expect any attempts to solicit money from the audience for donations, photos etc. You are however welcome to sell your merchandise (see below).

About the venue

Boheme can seat 35 people comfortably and up to 50 at a push. Maximum capacity for fire regulations is 70.

We have our own PA system, a Yamaha StagePas 400BT which is mounted and ready to use. This has a 6 channels mixer, produces 400 watts of output and is generally acoustically suited to the venue. We therefore recommend that you only bring your own PA system if you absolutely must have it for your performance.

We have a small lighting rig, enough to provide a little atmosphere for your performance. You are welcome to bring your own lighting too, but please note that space is very limited.

Building an audience.

We are happy to run promotions and posters / social media to advertise your gig, but, if you want to have a successful gig we need you to promote too.

Promote your gig to your followers and relevant groups. Make sure you have some media available like decent photos and preferably some good video footage. This is particularly important if you are new to the scene.

Tell us in detail what sort of music you perform and sell yourself a bit, that way we can sell you to our customers who may not have a clue who you are or what you play.

Remember, people are coming to see you as a performer, not as background music.

Merchandise & cd’s

We are very happy for you to sell CD’’s and/or other merchandise at the gig, but if you require the use of our card machines to take payment, we will need to retain a percentage of the money. This deduction is due to our having to charge 20% VAT on everything we put through the tills and also the additional fee we are charged by the card companies. There is a cash machine very nearby and we would recommend this over card payment.

Book a gig

If you are happy with the above, then please contact us with your rates for 2 x 45min sets and some links to sample media.